Yogic Enlightening

Some people have preconceived notions that the ancient Indian art of Yoga is an extremely difficult, and even painful stretching technique, especially when they come across postures such as balancing the whole body on a single arm, twisting oneself by tucking the legs behind the head, or standing on the head upside down. However, these are advanced yoga postures. There are several easy to do, and equally beneficial yoga postures for the beginners or elderly citizens.

Yoga has been written by the author Patanjali , more than 2500 years ago, and the main purpose of yoga is calming the mind. Although yoga has been proven to restore health and cure diseases, its impact is much more profound. The word yoga is derived from Sanskrit word yuj , meaning to combine or unite, and to center one’s thoughts through concentration and deep meditation. Yoga therefore aims to reintegrate the body with the mind, creating a balanced and harmonious state. It also aims to still the mind of wandering thoughts, making you more receptive and aware of profound joy that the self contains.

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