The power of Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese non-violent martial art, which improves balance and enhances the immune system, nervous system and metabolic processes. The art form is used to strengthen the body and the mind, fostering health, relaxation, self-discipline and self-defense. It involves a series of slow precise movements, which can help move the body in all directions. Tai Chi movements are short, simple and focused and can be performed easily by elderly citizens.

Regular practice of Tai Chi can offer multiple physical and mental benefits, such as pain relief and healing chronic diseases. Tai Chi improves balance and posture, and increases the range of motion of the joints. It provides a feeling of peace, clarity of thoughts and inner strength for Tai Chi practitioners. Moreover, it nurtures the inner metaphysical energy known as ‘qi’ , pronounced as ‘chee’ , which flows freely within the body healing all ailments.

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