Of all human needs, companionship is the most important necessity for a happy, contented life. We are all social beings requiring interaction with other people at a variety of levels. We tend to perform better when placed in a group, rather than left alone. Our relationships address our different needs, be it social, emotional, physical or spiritual. Social isolation can lead to depression, and even cause diseases such as cancer, chronic pain or heart problems. Knowing that we have someone in this whole world to call upon, lean on, chat with or trust can help us live long, healthy lives.

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Group activities

Elderly people often feel unwanted, lonely, secluded and unloved, partly due to their ageing body and mind. However, the main reason for their depression is that they spend a majority of time at home, away from friends and new experiences. Instead of sulking in self-created distress, the elderly can participate in a variety of activities, and learn new skills, even if they are suffering from any physical or mental disability. In fact, when elderly people keep themselves occupied by group activities of any kind, they can reap huge physical, mental and psychological benefits.

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