Massage therapy for the elderly

Massage therapy is used to alleviate body pain and joint aches for elderly citizens. It systematically manipulates the different soft tissues of the body including the muscles, organs and tendons. Geriatric massage is specifically designed for senior citizens, involving tender, gentle strokes suitable for an aging body. Senior’s massage targets mainly the hands and legs, where majority of the pain is located, and requires very little movement from the elderly.

Geriatric massages include stimulating, loving movements such as rubbing, tapping, rolling, pressing, kneading and feather touch. The main purpose of a massage is to relax each and every part of the body, which in turn alleviates the pain. Massage therapy has several benefits, and no side effects. Massage significantly reduces anxiety and lowers stress-generating hormones. It can diminish stiffness of the body, and eliminate fatigue, depression and insomnia. Frequent massage can increase immunity, especially for HIV patients, and rid the body of toxic waste. Toxic substances, such as lactic and uric acid present within the muscles, are released and ejected from the body. Massage therapy increases blood circulation by warming up the body using repetitive strokes.

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