The bad habits syndrome

We often find people addicted to certain bad habits, so much so that their actions become involuntary. Their minds are captivated by the enjoyment they derive from these habits, inspite of being well aware of the dangerous ill effects and possibility of death. Habits such as cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol and drug usage often begin during the teenage or adult years as an adventurous experiment or a harmless trial. However, over time, they are transformed into serious addictions, due to consistent usage and inability to control the mind.
Bad habits such as smoking and drinking have unfathomable consequences, not only on the individual’s health, but also on his family and social life. The situation worsens even further for people in their golden years. Ageing, as it is, brings a host of ailments and increased risk of terminal diseases. Substance addiction significantly reduces the immunity of senile people, and presents an open invitation to diseases such as lung cancer, malnutrition, depression, brain damage, liver and kidney failure.

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