Diseases associated with senescence

The advent of senescence is the time to ponder upon the changes the ageing body is going through, and understand the types of probable old age diseases in order to cope with them gracefully. The primary cause for the abundance of old age diseases is the deterioration of body cells and their inability to heal and multiply. The ageing cells are unable to generate disease-fighting antibodies, which is why elderly people are more prone to a plethora of infectious diseases.

There are several markers pronouncing the arrival of old age, most common of them are wrinkled skin, reduced muscle strength, stooping posture, loss of teeth, salt-and-pepper hair or baldness, brittle and weak bones, joint stiffness and pain, hardened arteries, vision errors, hearing impairment and incontinence (reduced control over bodily functions). Several mental symptoms can also occur including absentmindedness, amnesia, poor judgment and childish behavior. While the physical indicators of old age are quite prevalent, the psychological changes depend on the ageing of cortical brain cells, which can vary from person to person.

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