Laughter is the best medicine, seriously

Laughter is the elixir of life, it is said to be the best medicine. And what more, it is for free. Laughter is known to cure diseases, bring about miracles in people’s lives. Laughter makes us feel better, reduces stress levels, generates a warm fuzzy feeling, and takes our mind off negative thoughts and events. A good hearty laughter touches our emotional core and brings out the child in us. We begin to see things more clearly, without judgments, without pain. Laughter ignites our creativity and our power to heal. The mind has infinite power to change and adapt, to heal and cure. Laughter can set the mind free.

Laughter therapy is a therapeutic alternative method that uses positive emotions generated by laughter to cure ailments and maintain a healthy body. Due to increased stress, unhealthy diets, reduced exercise and fast lifestyle, our bodies become weak and prone to a variety of diseases. Elderly people can suffer from a variety of diseases due to their reduced immunity, and a life long of unhealthy habits. Although not all diseases would be cured completely, laughter can bring several positive changes in your lifestyle. Laughter is the best stress-reducing instant cure. Stress can lead to several heart related problems such as heart attacks, strokes and cardiac arrest. Laughter helps to reduce blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels.

Laughter therapy is known to reduce stress hormones, increase muscle movement, boost immune system, increase disease fighting cells and proteins, and trigger release of endorphins (body’s natural painkillers). In fact, laughter therapy was created in 1970s, when Norman Cousins overcame a chronic disease, a form of arthritis, by laughing at comedy clubs. Laughter provided him hours of medicine-free pain relief.
There are several ways to get a good heartfelt laughter, be it a chuckle, a giggle, a snort or a snicker. You can give out a ringing laughter, a roaring one, bubbling or a pealing one. Any way you laugh, or for any reason, laughter will help you lighten up. Laughter will increase your blood circulation, and strengthen your immune system. A few hours of laughter every day will increase your memory, thinking ability and intellectual capacity.

Several cities now have laughter clubs, where a group of people come together to share a hearty laugh. For no reason at all, or as jokes are told in the club, every member erupts into a burst of uninhibited, pure, unconditional laughter. Laughter clubs impart initial training as well. Laughter club members enjoy tremendous happiness, immense health benefits, a day full of vigor and freshness, good restful sleep and significantly less body ache and pain. Laughter helps you look at things in a fresh light. Everyday troubles do not seem as important any more. Laughter is contagious, and spreads like wild fire. Stop being grumpy. Take the time in your daily life to laugh a little, or laugh a lot. Join laughter clubs, or rent hilarious comedies. Learn to laugh at yourself. Read and tell new jokes, or simply laugh for no reason at all. You will reap unimaginable benefits. You will feel dainty and alive.

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