Group activities

Elderly people often feel unwanted, lonely, secluded and unloved, partly due to their ageing body and mind. However, the main reason for their depression is that they spend a majority of time at home, away from friends and new experiences. Instead of sulking in self-created distress, the elderly can participate in a variety of activities, and learn new skills, even if they are suffering from any physical or mental disability. In fact, when elderly people keep themselves occupied by group activities of any kind, they can reap huge physical, mental and psychological benefits.

Several group activities are organized regularly, and even you can initiate some new ones. Here is a list of group activities that can help you derive immense satisfaction, and make your post-retirement years enjoyable:

  • Meeting friends – Your will instantly feel cheerful after a small chat with your friend. Try to seek out your long lost friends, and try to make brand new ones. Arrange meetings with your friends, over a cup of tea, leisurely dinner or a game of checkers. Visit your friends in nursing homes or confined due to disabilities. They will feel delighted after your visit, and you will feel contented knowing that you care.
  • Explore the world – You might have traveled a lot already, but there will always be places not yet discovered atleast by you. Gather your family or friends and go on a world tour. There are many elderly citizen friendly places around the world. Soak in the beautiful sights and sounds of places at the other end of the world.
  • Senior dancing – Several classes now teach dancing to senior citizens. Take your spouse or your neighbor to learn the dance form you like, be it waltz or salsa. You can even join alone, and make new friends at the class. Learn a few steps and share many more laughs, especially when you dance.
  • Art classes – So you always wanted to be a painter, maybe a photographer. Join a class that interests you; learn new things or new ways of doing things. Try to paint a perfect picture, or take the most beautiful photograph. You can even visit art galleries, and collect new forms of artwork.
  • Nature/bird watching – Most senior citizens love to be close to nature, be it birds or other living species. Being with nature can help you appreciate the beauty surrounding you. Nature is all-accepting all-loving all-caring entity. Take your friends to nature trails or bird parks. Buy yourself a book on different bird species, and a pair of binoculars.
  • Internet groups – If you were always fascinated by computers, but did not have the time to learn, join a computer class or ask your grandchildren to teach you. You can make friends all around the world through the widespread web called internet. You can chat with your relatives and friends too.
  • Clubs – Join a club that interests you, be it hobby, golf, church, singing, politics, education, social service, exercise, health, gym, park or laughter club. You can participate along with your friends, or make new ones at the club.

Be involved in activities that stimulate your body, and refresh your mind. By surrounding yourself with people from different backgrounds, interests and cultures, you can begin to enjoy the most precious years of your life.

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