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Walk your way to health

Diseases associated with Senescence

Coping with Ageing, Psychologically

The Bad Habits Syndrome

Senior Safety at Home

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The Power of Chi

Yogic Enlightening

The Power of Mediation

Massage Therapy for the Elderly

Exercising the Brain

Group Activities

Aromatherapy for the Elderly


Regular Health Screening

Using Ayurveda for Herbal Treatments

Laughter is the best medicine, Seriously

Effective Pain Relief for common Ailments

Bridge the Communication gap with your Doctor



Welcome to Old Age Health Tips!

We provide information regarding old age health and advices on how you should age gracefully.

In our selection of articles, we have made it simple and straightforward, taking on the main points that concern the elderly.

This site is not just for the elderly. It is for everyone who will age one day -- and that includes YOU!

There is no need to fear Old Age if you are prepared to manage it. In this site, you will obtain every information you need regarding just that.

Wishing YOU everlasting health and eternal happiness. Enjoy reading!

* Dedicating this site to my beloved Grandmother Lum Chung who is 86 this year, and all wonderful Grandparents.

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